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Sonic Geometry gets its Kickstarter campaign funded

  5.12.2016   Maria   Music   No comments

  The final (and very thrilling) last week of the Kickstarter campaign of our client Sonic Geometry for its product OTO has come to an end, and we are glad

For its 6th anniversary celebration, Krill Music prepares to start the new year at full throttle

  28.11.2016   Maria   Music   No comments

  Since the label was created in November 2011 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Krill Music has come a long way and learned how to pave by hard work and solid

Drop the decks and grab the future: meet OTO

  4.11.2016   Maria   Music   No comments

Some weeks ago, out of pure chance, we were able to come across OTO, a strange, almost abstract looking product that promised to be the next generation of controllers. A

Oh I’m just a girl, lucky me: feminist art is now in Berlin

  11.10.2016   Maria   Art   No comments

We have already discussed this new wave of art created by independent and super-inventive feminine art, that has been taking the world by storm. Of course, this is not a

Berlin Art Week: Sunday bike tour

  21.09.2016   Maria   Art   No comments

On Sunday we decided to hop on our bikes and after pinning a couple galleries we wanted to check out, since it was Berlin Art Week on the city, we